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Faithfully Armstrong
First Road Trip!

First Road Trip!

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Clubhouse Proposal

Clubhouse Proposal

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My Story


Our story begins when I was praying daily and reading my devotionals but I wasn’t being completely open in my prayers and my desires with God. I was talking with a friend and she said for me to take my hands off my prayers and be more open. That Sunday my pastor said for us to tell God the truth about what you want. I said, “God, I want to be married again.” I then heard, “You have to marry me first.” I began to cry because I knew then that my relationship with God was more intimate than ever before. I continued to remain prayerful and I continued with my devotionals daily and started walking and praying as well. My now fiancée, Ovester, was fasting at the same time this was happening miles away in California. He completed a daily video diary about his prayers and journey for his own reflections. He asked God to make him a better partner for when the time comes for him to be married again.

             We then met on the app clubhouse on a Friday night. We were in the same room at the same time. He was on the "stage" and I was in the audience. I believed in his position on a topic and he was quite handsome in the suit in his picture. I followed his profile and he followed mine back. He then followed me on Instagram and the next day messaged me. We started chatting and by that evening we had our first phone conversation. We have laughed, cried, and prayed together. We soon both received confirmation from God in prayer on separate occasions that we have met THE ONE and have received confirmation often ever since.


             We believe that are relationship is a testimony of our faith and belief in finding love. We are now on a journey to marriage, blending our families, and growing in ministry. Also, there will be a move soon! Yes, I, Stacey, will be moving from Florissant, Missouri to Oakland, California. We are looking forward to our journey and we hope that you will join the #STRONGFAM as we live, laugh, and love. Always remember to keep the faith and be a blessing.

                                    - Future Mrs. Armstrong

Our Life


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