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Hey Family! I know you just got here and already we are calling you family but over here that is exactly what you are. Thank you for stopping by. If you are here it is obviously meant to be and we are thankful for you. Here at Faithfully Armstrong you are a member of the #STRONGFAM. We are STRONG faith, STRONG in love, STRONG in laughter, and anything else we put our minds too. You might be wondering who we are so here are a few bullet points to catch you up to speed.

Stacey Future Mrs. Armstrong

  • Late 30s

  • Single mother of 2

  • Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri

  • Mental health therapist

  • Loves God all day, everyday

  • Lover of all things DIY

  • Living with RA and IIH

  • Ovester refers to as Brown Sugar

Rev. Overster Armstrong

  • Late 40s

  • Goes by 'O'

  • Single father of 2

  • Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois

  • Lives in Oakland, California

  • Prayer warrior

  • Team Notorious BIG

  • Social Worker

Now that you know a little bit more about us we can get on to why we are here. Well, before we met we were two single parents working, praying and believing. We met on a Friday night in a clubhouse chat room (It was not a dating app) and after following each other we became inseparable. We started on a long distance love and now engagement that is birthing a ministry. We didn't know when we met that our story would bless others. We pray that we can be a blessing and that our relationship honors God. It is important that blessings bounce and we want to be a bouncing blessing to others through sharing our experiences. So, let us know your name and where you are joining from. Thank you for stopping by and coming along on our journey.


- Ovester & Stacey

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